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I really should fill this shit out

5 April 1970
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If you really want to know about me, try reading the LJ -- that's one of the reasons it's there. Also, the list of interests is not inclusive even though the box to fill in says "List all your interests". I put in some, finally, because I got tired of looking at it being empty, but there is no guarantee that I will talk about any of the interests. I could have just picked that stuff out of thin air, you know. I do talk about my family a lot, but other stuff fades in and out of my focus and I don't go on and on about the same thing forever. I go on and on about a thing while it's my new-favorite-thing and then I get bored with it and don't talk about it as much because I'm off talking about my NEW new-favorite-thing. People who tolerate me on an ongoing basis are used to this.

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